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Hi there!
Its nice to have you on our website! Please find below details about Grade 1 to 10 Admissions:

Session Commencement: 1st week of April every year.

Intake for Grade I to X:
Number of Divisions: 2 
Intake per Division: 40

Eligibility Criteria for Grade 1:

1.  Student should be 5 years and 6 months by the end of UKG ie. March 31st.

2. Student should have completed Upper Kindergarten from a reputed English Medium Preschool.

3. Student should be able to communicate clearly in English and Hindi/ Marathi.

Eligibility Criteria for Grade 2 to 9:
1.  Student should be of eligible age for the class he/she is seeking admission to.

2. Student should have appeared and cleared the final examination of the previous class to be eligible for the next one.

3. Student should be from a reputed English Medium School.
4. Student should be able to communicate clearly in English and Hindi/ Marathi.

Required list of documents for admission in Grade 1 to 10:

1.  Student's Aadhar Card 

2. Transfer Certificate 

3. Student's Blood Group Report

4. Student's Medical Fitness Certificate

5. Father’s and Mother's Aadhar Card

6. Father’s and Mother's PAN Card

7. Address Proof 

8. Caste Certificate (If applicable)
9. Grade 9 CBSE Board Registration Card (Only for Grade 10)

Please note that admissions for non - Yashshree students going to Grade 10 is entirely subject to compliance of the documentary, registration and subject choice requirements laid down by the board and available with the school. The discretion of the Principal and the Management in such cases is final.

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