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About the school:

Yashshree Academy is a symbol of quality education & holistic all round development since its inception in the year 2007.
The school is also among the 1st CBSE Affiliated Schools in Ahmednagar city.

The school is located about 9.5 km's from Savedi Area away from the pollution and maddening crowd of the city surrounded by hills & farms.

The charming, picturesque surroundings provide the perfect atmosphere for young minds to blossom. Students not only learn what their textbooks have to offer, but also get an opportunity to get in touch with nature and re-discover themselves.


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Parents choose us because of our quality of teachers, good education, elaborate infrastructure and resources but most importantly for our values inculcation system that enables our students to be more than they were yesterday.

Our Motto:

"Education with Sanskriti"

Yashshree has always been a family where values and relationships are held important above all.
Our vision in line with our motto has always been to educate the children at their heart.
To inculcate a value system that helps them choose between what is right and wrong, to respond appropriately in difficult times, to be humble and be a catalyst for a better tomorrow.

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